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ABC’s Of Chat Software

SuportEverybody may not be familiar with chat software but if you have a business, whether online or offline, it is your job to know about this powerful tool. While you’re at it, consider purchasing one for your business, too. Why? As you learn about the ABC’s of chat software, you would realize the importance of this customer support service to your business.

Learn the important details about chat support through the first three letters of the alphabet.

A Stands for– About Chat Software

faceIt is software aboutcostumer support system where online communication is done on real-time transmission. Either the client or the live chat agent can initiate the dialog. Live chat support aims to provide total costumer satisfaction through implementation of the following:

  • Welcome the guest to the site in a casual and friendly tone.
  • Present the company’s products or services in a non-intrusive manner.
  • Guide the client through the website, if needed.
  • Answer the client’s question correctly.
  • Help the client choose a more suitable product, if necessary.
  • Calm an irate client.

The bottom line is to make the client’s visit and shopping an enjoyable experience.

Aside from these, the live chat software has several other functions that would totally benefit your business such as:

  • Assisting the client through the ticket system when the agent is offline. Clients can fill up a ticket form and submit to the live chat service where the agent would be able to attend to it once he turns online. Tickets are also used when the issue or concern is complex and more time is needed to settle the matter.
  • Translating the chat according to the client’s language in no time at all. This is especially helpful when your business caters to foreigners who do not speak English.
  • Being able to connect to the clients even when you are outside the office through mobile applications.
  • Preserving all chats. These documents can also be used not only to protect your companies from legal mattersbut also to monitor the performances of your agents.
  • Determining the history of the client like if he is new or old, he has previously purchased or not. It can also determine the location of the client.
  • Identifying potential clients or just prank chatters.

B stands for Benefits

With live chat support, the following can be expected to occur as benefits for your business:

  1. Boost sales up to 20%. This is done through lessening the cases of cart abandonment by 30% and increasing conversion to 20%. It has been noted that clients return to the sites where there are live chat supports more often than to those without.
  2. Lessen overhead expenses of the company. As most concerns are settled by the live chat support, lessercalls are made to the call center support arm of the company. This means lower monthly expenditures.

C stands for Customers Satisfaction

  • According to recent studies, most of the clients’ concerns are settled in less than five minutes with this type of costumer support service.
  • More than 70% of clients prefer live chat support than other costumer services like phone and email. Problems such as languages barriers, poor telephone connection and unnecessary waste of time, are mostly eliminated with this service.
  • Most clients find this costumer support not intimidating. They feel they are in control of the dialog as they can initiate or ignore it.
  • The pain points (client’s needs that are still unfulfilled before a purchase) are readily identified. This makes the live chat agent take appropriate actions to help the client in his purchase.

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