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Simple But Effective Ways to Solve Real Estate Mortgage Payment Problems

Mortgage issues are dime-a-dozen in the real estate business. Although there are many ways to solve mortgage payment problems, you should not bank on these methods or use these as a justification to procrastinate your mortgage liabilities. Never get yourself in a situation where you are drowning in mortgage back payments.


Being Responsible in Paying


The first step to solve mortgage payment problems is to be responsible. Do not lag behind your monthly amortization. Always pay on time because this will also raise your credit rating. Soon, you will be able to borrow money to pay for your mortgage and simply repay your existing debts. If banks check your credit rating and see that you are always late, there is very little chance that you will receive financial support.


Many people end up having issues on mortgage because they expect the lender to help them refinance their homes. Although it is true that many banks will refinance your mortgage, you will be stuck in a deeper situation in which you are in heavier debt on the same institution that you owe money from. If you do this, you are just digging a deeper hole and soon your bank will have more power to issue a foreclosure. Visit to know more about your payment problems.




Another approach to solve mortgage payment problems is to borrow money from your equity and use it to pay your mortgage. This is called a HELOC – a credit line that you can use in this time of need. With this approach, you will have a very limited time to pay it back. What you need to do is to find a quick way to earn and recover from your financial crisis. Once you’ve found a solution, you should be able to pay both loans.


If you cannot find cash soon enough, your only option is to sell the house. Sometimes, we have to face the fact that we are all victims of circumstances and for such cases; you will be forced to sell your property.


Forbearance Agreement


In certain instances, you know that your financial crisis is only temporary. If you have proof of this, you can ask your lender to have a forbearance agreement. This means that the lender will suspend the mortgage responsibility for a certain period of time. Some lenders simply lower the mortgage for a certain period and within this timeframe; you need to ensure that your financial status is back in shape.


Normally, forbearance agreements can last up to six months or even longer. This actually depends entirely on your lender. Some forbearance agreements may also mean interest rates on your current mortgage or penalties that you can pay later on.


Once the forbearance period is over, your lender will give you another payment plan. This means that you will renew your contract and this time, you need to pay diligently. Since the lender has helped solve mortgage payment problems for you, the lender also needs assurance that this does not happen again. Usually, this new payment scheme will include the amount that was not paid during the time of the forbearance agreement. Keep in mind that a forbearance agreement only happens when you are already delinquent and you cannot get credit. This is because you have nowhere else to go but to the lender.


Manage Your Existing Debts and Spending Habit


If you have other debts than your mortgage, you have to seriously consider your priorities. One way to solve mortgage payment problems is to study your spending habit. Check carefully if you are spending so much on things that are not necessary. If you have to cut down on groceries and other stuff, you need to do it quickly.


Reduce spending on lavish birthday parties and other things that are of less importance than your house. You can consult a debt advisor if you want to get professional help on how to manage your debts. Keep a list of the things you buy every day. After this, check your list and identify expenditures that you can live without. Do this for the entire family and soon you will have more savings.


Discuss the Issue with Your Lender


As opposed to what was said earlier, you need to talk to your lender to solve mortgage payment problems and ask for possible options. We have discussed HELOC and Forbearance Agreement earlier. You can ask your lender for other payment schemes such as making the payment term shorter but also cheaper.


real estateTalking to your lender is very important so they do not act by the law. Talking to them will help them understand your current situation. If they do not hear from you, they are more likely to sue and repossess your house. During the discussion, keep your mind open and sharp. Do not commit to new payment schemes that you cannot fulfill.


All in all, problems with mortgages stem from mismanagement of funds. This may not be true in some cases considering that a person might get sick or if a calamity hit the neighborhood.


The lesson is simple: save for the rainy days.


Always keep in mind that there are other institutions that can offer you help. Do not hesitate to call a financial advisor if you think it is absolutely necessary because these people are experienced about these things. Always be responsible and pay your mortgages first before spending for a vacation or any other things (like a new car or new appliances). We have one final tip for you – if possible, maintain two jobs so you can have a back up just in case you get into a financial crunch.

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